Deep underground but still aliens.

They’re at the cloning center aaand in real life, In deep bases and deeper underground too. They have colonies deep deep underground.

Theyre all bad… Carnivores.

It’s in the middle of forested area (cloning center) I’ve been outside it a few times when there as a clone and there’s no sign of civilization, must be wildlife preserve or something, 95% of the people cloned into there don’t even know where it is, just the high ups know the locations… There are cloning centers in most deep bases though, and their locations are publicized, Dulce base, Area 51, Montauk base,… Lots. It’s within 5 hours drive by car from the Pickton farm where all the prostitutes were murdered and fed to the pigs… The video of the murders were brought to the cloning center by car… Took 5 hours to drive them there…

I dunno where the above ground one is, or I would have gone there by now… In western Canada… Most that go there though dont even know where it is,… They just have clones stored on site and have them activated sometimes… Location is way secret.

Within 5 hours drive from the pickton farm in any direction from the farm it could be.

Well they’re like me,… Real right now,… But when they enter REM stage of sleep they have clones of themselves activated at one of the cloning centers,… And sure they’re dumber as clones while clones, they do whacky stuff, BUT then they wake up and recall the previous nights happenings and what they did, and they still go back and do it again… They thought they’d never get caught and were trapped so when in Rome, do as the Romans do. They all tried to show off for each other, oh look how evil I am, oh you think that’s evil? Look at this…

Clones are even more emotional than normal people… Different kinds of clones too… They definitely understand what is going on though. Most just go with the evil way… Being raised on wealth and privilege makes mean people I find.

They can clone pets. But there’s 2 different ways to clone too,… There’s cloning from a baby up (replication cloning) and making fully formed adult bodies of you duplicates (duplication cloning). Its the duplication one that I’m having the problem with… Rem driven duplicates… It sux.

Um,… there’s aliens, help. :(

just as the musicians hint at help, like K-os and his Crabbuckkt video…

like Britney and her break the ice video… or like gaga putting satanic and Illuminatti symbolism in her videos, and when people actually do come out like Tila Tequila and say help me the queen eats children and people are being turned into drones help me they’re hurting me in another dimension then has an aneurysm, people just said she was crazy,… people are stupid. I’m the last person with the courage to speak as I’m dying anyway from heart damage due to clone torture, if you do not heed my warnings before haarp installations are completed you will all be slaves.

Now you know the Secret of Vril, do not be deceived by what they are going to try… Saucers are man made and “greys” are not from space, they are from deep underground… they are troglodytes… parasitic lizards. They are malevolent.

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