If nothing else a good intro to sacred geometry... They sure were a lot more open with this stuff in 1957... Maybe the masons hadn't learned their boundaries yet... This will teach someone a lot about how you can spot sacred geometry in everyday life....

***Post from Don's page Re: Gravity Falls***
Donald Marshall: "Anyone know what this is about on the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls? It's got a numeric code in it. Have fun. I'll post close ups in comments."

Tom & Jerry & the leader of Hollywood
two scenes from the movie "Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry" (2005)

Very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV
AC1O1(OP): "Short Film/ topic...holy s#! wonder it's banned from tv...mysterious stranger? is that mark twain or albert einstein? i think its from mark twain"

Clone High (2002-2003)
The greatest minds of the world have been cloned and are now attending high school together.
***EDITOR'S NOTE*** I have posted the entire first season below for those of you who want to see it; I wonder why they only made 1 season? Hits a little too close to home, perhaps?

Walt Disney & Illuminati : Subliminal Perversion Exposed (2013)

***EDITORS NOTE*** I had to include this...this one scene from A Bug's Life says a lot about the current situation of Humanity....truthfully, the entire movie does.